Hello and welcome to my oncebyalys.com my mission thru this blog is for you to find a passion to be active and to find functional fitness clothing to wear and most of all to love your life to the full while doing so.DSC_0374DSC_0388_2DSC_0418DSC_0411_2

Exercising is finding your way in life to stay active. One of my favorite ways to see the world and spend time with friends is through walking. Walking is possible in almost any weather, time of day and a pace that your body will happily take you.

All you need is:

  • A good pair of shoes, I’m wear Asics Noosa Tri
  • Optional some willing humans, preferably ones you call friends.

Last weekend my husband and I travelled to Boscastle Cornwall England a gorgeous little seaside town. We are here to visit the lovely Arianna, best known as a walkaholic. She has caring researched all the best walks in the area as well as the best farm shop for breakfast bonus!

Big Love



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