Running Donuts I mean – Running!

Running functional fitness clothing Nike

Ok so just so we are all clear this blog is to look good while working out.

Running! Well running has never been my thing (Who’s thinking this as they read this??) but that’s a load hogwash as we are human and we are all built to run and gather.

Run and Gather I can do, if it includes donuts.

IMG_3228_2 Running Asics Nike Functional fitness clothing oncebyalys.comRunning and donuts for me started about 10 years ago when two friends asked me if I wish to join them on a half marathon, this being the Tuesday and the half marathon on the Sunday, me being me thought no worries what could go wrong?! So Sunday came along and I got my sunglasses (important), my light pink beanie, and my new Nike running carpris and outer layer Nike Zip up jacket. I mention, I have the gear why not use it?!

Running NIke Away we went running, I was soon the last human on the course with the Van saying ‘runners ahead’ driving along just ahead of me was that a hint, no I just thought it was funny and text my boyfriend to say ‘HA think I’m last! Xxx me’

As time went on I saw I was catching up to one of my friends so I picked up the pace that’s just in front of the ‘runners ahead’ van and caught up with Lesley, she had a sore knee. But we were both determined to finish. Long story short the race organizer came up to us letting us know we only had a little way to go and coaching us along and then said he would be back very soon. He came back with two cokes and a packet of Donuts. Donuts demolished and we were on the way to the finish line……

About 200 metres before the finish line there were some students having a kegs party and watching the runners on there front lawn they kindly poured us 2 jugs and off we where jugs, cokes and Donuts in hand as we crossed the finish line LAST with all the running watching as they waited for prise giving, looking the part with my Nike gear and big sunglasses.

This did inspire me to train a bit more and run the Berlin Marathon the following year, the only marathon with no hills. This marathon training was never without Donuts.

It’s all about running and gathering.

Most of all I hope you get some good gear and start to enjoy running. Make sure you have well fitted shoes I love Asics the link below for the ones I’m wearing. A good Nike layering piece so when you get hot you can take a layer off. Also if  your in England or this side of the world at the moment lots of your running maybe in the dark you need a reflective top/gilet. Also ensure you have leggings with a tie around the waist(love these Nikes i’m wearing they also do capris). And a dry fit wool layer is fantastic like the Nike one I am wearing. Last a headband to keep your ears warm, love this Lululemon one. Happy Running favorites.

Running Nike Lululemon headband love Nike Running Functional fitness clothing Asics shoesWhat I’m wearing:

Lululemon head band

Nike Long running tights

Nike wool blend running top with hood

Nike reflective gilet

Asics Running shoes

Thank you for reading love to hear your running and gathering stories below.

Big Love


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