Fuerteventura Retreat – Pilates at 7Lemons House

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited back to the 7Lemons House for one of their beautiful retreat weekends. As well as all the lovely local freshly made on site seasonal vegan and the vegetarian food they prepare I also joined them for a pilates class. This was a mat pilates class practiced in the … Continue reading Fuerteventura Retreat – Pilates at 7Lemons House

Hatha Yoga Retreat Fuerteventura – wearing Lululemon & Gapfit

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  Last week here in Fuerteventura Once by Alys was a yogi at the gorgeous 7Lemons'House retreat. This place has everything you need to lose yourself in your practice and to refresh. 7Lemons'House is a Yoga & Health Retreat in Fuerteventura. Food, yoga, pilates and regenerative activities for mind and body suitable for all. Dedicated to … Continue reading Hatha Yoga Retreat Fuerteventura – wearing Lululemon & Gapfit